Cameroon/COVID-19 scare: Menchum SDO bans entry of corpses into division

A recent decision by the Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum Division, North West region of Cameroon, banning the burial of any person declared dead out of his area of command in a bit to check the importation of COVID-19 has sent tongues wagging in and out of the Division. In a release signed on May […] The post Cameroon/COVID-19 scare: Menchum SDO bans entry of corpses into division appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-06-01 23:26:29.0

Cameroon:’Ghost towns’ frustrate school resumption in Bamenda

Pupils and students of examination classes across the country returned to school on Monday, June 1 for the third term in strict respect of the measures in place to fight against the Coronavirus. Though it was a successful return in the other regions of the country, that was not the case in some parts of […] The post Cameroon:’Ghost towns’ frustrate school resumption in Bamenda appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-06-01 22:01:29.0

Cameroon: Ndian SDO says kids’ safety at school is guaranteed

The Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Ndian, Nwafua Lawrence Forwang says all schools in the area have been disinfected to keep students and pupils safe as they return to school. Nwafua Lawrence Forwang visited some classrooms this Monday where he distributed face masks to school kids and staff. He says he was acting upon instructions …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-06-01 18:23:36.0

Bamenda journalist undergoing treatment after torture by soldiers

Deutsche Welle’s correspondent in Bamenda, Cameroon’s restive North West region, Jean Marie Ngong Song is currently receiving treatment for injuries he sustained after being beaten by government soldiers on Sunday. Jean Marie says his “head hurts” after the soldiers got him “well beaten with their bare hands”. Jean Marie had just rounded up an ex-students’ …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-06-01 08:34:08.0

May 30th: The day that Cameroun secret service officers kill Bishops and dump their bodies in rivers

Late Bishop Bala’s vehicle was found on the Sanaga Bridge in Ebebda on the 30th of May 2017. Inside the vehicle, a note with the words “I am in the water” was crafted by the French Cameroun secret service officers who reportedly murdered him. Bishop Bala’s car was a white Toyota Prado that had his personal belongings. […] The post May 30th: The day that Cameroun secret service officers kill Bishops and dump their bodies in rivers appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-31 14:22:26.0

French firms sign €230m Cameroon toll plaza project

ITS International | Deal brings secure tolling in 14 locations to African country Razel-Bec (Fayat Group) and Egis are to work on a road tolling project in Cameroon. The two French firms signed a €230 million contract for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of 14 modern and secure road toll plazas on the African country’s road […] The post French firms sign €230m Cameroon toll plaza project appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-30 16:47:06.0

Anglophone Crisis: Mayor of Ndop declares war on “Ambazonian tax collectors”

Dr. Ntoh Daniel Balengka, Mayor of Ndop Council has said all those respecting orders from “armed separatists and bandits” will face the full arm of the law henceforth. In a communiqué signed Friday, May 29, 2020, the Mayor revealed that a vast majority of economic operators in Ndop, the administrative seat of Ngoketunjia Division have […] The post Anglophone Crisis: Mayor of Ndop declares war on “Ambazonian tax collectors” appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-30 09:29:10.0

How school feeding persists in spite of Cameroon’s coronavirus closures

Teachers are working with the World Food Programme to provide vulnerable pupils with critical take-home food rations Story by Glory Ndaka ReliefWeb | It is midday in Meme, a small village some 40 km away from Maroua town, capital of Cameroon’s Far North Region. Since March, schools all over the country have been closed in response to […] The post How school feeding persists in spite of Cameroon’s coronavirus closures appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-30 09:21:44.0

Cameroon: Fighting Continues in Anglophone Cameroon Despite COVID-19 Concerns

Government raids have displaced people, increasing risks of transmission. Separatist attacks have impeded humanitarian and public health efforts. For every region and society it has affected, COVID-19 has presented a myriad of demanding challenges. In areas at war, the dangers are perhaps even more complex and acute. This is the situation facing Cameroon’s two English-speaking […] The post Cameroon: Fighting Continues in Anglophone Cameroon Despite COVID-19 Concerns appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-29 23:38:09.0

Panic inside Etoudi: here is the emergency message from Brenda Biya to Cameroonians

The moving of Brenda Biya in relation to the deterioration of her state of health revives the debate on the supposed death of the President of the Republic Paul Biya despite his address to the nation on the eve of the celebration of the feast of Unity national. In fact, in a short video posted […] The post Panic inside Etoudi: here is the emergency message from Brenda Biya to Cameroonians appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-29 23:23:55.0

Fire Rips Through Crowded Cameroon Prison

New York Times | DOUALA, Cameroon — A fire tore through an overcrowded maximum security prison in Cameroon’s port city of Douala on Thursday leading to the hospitalisation of three prisoners with serious burns, a local fire chief said. Firefighters backed up by police were able to contain the blaze and stop it spreading beyond New Bell […] The post Fire Rips Through Crowded Cameroon Prison appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-29 12:41:18.0

Cameroon: Will TV Presenter Finally Be Produced Alive in Court Today?

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is extremely concerned about the fate of a TV presenter known as Samuel Wazizi in Buea, the capital of Cameroon’s English-speaking South-West Region, who has not been seen alive since shortly after his arrest in August 2019. Like his lawyers, RSF wonders whether he will finally be produced in court today. […] The post Cameroon: Will TV Presenter Finally Be Produced Alive in Court Today? appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-28 12:24:54.0

Threat against Archbishop Andrew Nkea: Ambazonia Interim Gov’t gives warning

Interim Government Statement on the Threats to Archbishop Andrew Nkea’s life. 30th November 2017, is on record as the day French Cameroun president, Paul Biya, instructed his army to launch an extermination campaign on the people of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). His purpose and ambition have proven to be unwise, dishonourable and counterproductive. Army loyal to his […] The post Threat against Archbishop Andrew Nkea: Ambazonia Interim Gov’t gives warning appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-28 12:08:34.0

Yaounde: Controversy as man dies in a “place of worship”

The body of a man reportedly retrieved from a place of worship in Yaounde has been laid to rest but there is still controversy over how and where he died. An association known as “Cameroon Youth For Jesus”(CYJ) Yaounde branch has distanced itself from media allegations that the man in question died in their place …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-05-26 12:00:15.0

Cameroon: Kamto issues warning over Biya’s succession

The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Professor Maurice Kamto has warned a mutual succession at the head of the country will not be accepted by Cameroonians. Cameroon’s President Paul Biya is in the second year of his seven-year mandate he picked up at the October 2018 Presidential polls, though Maurice Kamto-who was declared runner […] The post Cameroon: Kamto issues warning over Biya’s succession appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-26 09:04:49.0

UN SG lauds armed groups in Cameroon, other nations for unilateral ceasefire

The Secretary General of the UN has urged leaders of African countries to heed his call for a global ceasefire. In his Africa day address on Monday, Antonio Guterres raised several issues plaguing the continent, urging its leaders to take action. With regards to the coronavirus, Guterres says: “African countries, like everyone, everywhere, should also …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-05-25 18:05:06.0

Cameroun/Covid-19 : des bénévoles de « Survie Cameroun » interpellés à Ambam et de Kye-Ossi (Sud)

Ils ont été arrêtés alors qu’ils distribuaient des gels hydro-alcooliques et des masques de protection aux populations. C’est Christian Penda Ekoka qui en fait l’annonce. […] Cet article Cameroun/Covid-19 : des bénévoles de « Survie Cameroun » interpellés à Ambam et de Kye-Ossi (Sud) est apparu en premier sur Actu Cameroun.

  Actu Cameroun
2020-05-25 07:20:47.0

Cameroun: Trois militants du MRC interpellés par la police à Sangmelima

Ils distribuaient ce 23 mai 2020, des masques et des gels hydro-alcooliques aux populations du chef lieu du département du Dja et Loba, dans la […] Cet article Cameroun: Trois militants du MRC interpellés par la police à Sangmelima est apparu en premier sur Actu Cameroun.

  Actu Cameroun
2020-05-24 07:27:02.0

RSF petitions UN to seek release of detained Amadou Vamoulke “exposed to COVID-19”

The International NGO, Reporters Without Borders, RSF has asked the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health to urgently seek the release of detained ex-State media Director General, Amadou Vamoulke on grounds that he could contract the deadly Coronavirus pandemic in prison. Based on a report published by Amnesty International on the situation […] The post RSF petitions UN to seek release of detained Amadou Vamoulke “exposed to COVID-19” appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-23 10:23:28.0

Security forces Intercept huge Consignment of Marijuana in Ngoketunjia Division

Elements of the National Gendamerie have intercepted a truck transporting foodstuff and marijuana at the Sabga hills in the Ngohketunja Division of the North West Region this Saturday May 23rd, 2020. Local sources say the cargo truck had among other foodstuffs beans, potatoes, maize and some 45 bags of Marijuana hidden in the foodstuffs that …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-05-23 08:08:59.0

Basketball – Before Pascal Siakam Played, Some Conditions Should Be Fulfilled

Current NBA champion Pascal Siakam continues declaring his love towards his country, Cameroon, while regular season of the championship is suspended due to coronavirus pandemic . We all remember the joy of Spicy BP after raptors won the trophy NBA title last season . The 2019 NBA MIP jubilated with the flag os his dearest […] The post Basketball – Before Pascal Siakam Played, Some Conditions Should Be Fulfilled appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-22 10:28:10.0

Ambazonia: Vice President Yerima speaks of the coronavirus, Barrister Shufai’s health and the killing of the Mamfe mayor

The exiled leader of the people of Southern Cameroons Vice President Dabney Yerima has told the Voice newspaper in Yaounde that the government of La Republique du Cameroun will bear full responsibility for any negative aftermath if coronavirus claims the life of any Ambazonian in their detention facilities. Below is the full conversation the Ambazonian […] The post Ambazonia: Vice President Yerima speaks of the coronavirus, Barrister Shufai’s health and the killing of the Mamfe mayor appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-22 09:49:52.0

Air France resumes commercial flights to Cameroon on Monday

French airliner, Air France will on Monday, May 25 resume commercial flights to Cameroon, the Central African state has announced. In a statement released on Thursday, Cameroon’s Embassy in France said the first flight will take off from the Paris Charles De Gaule to the Yaounde-Nsimalen airport. Th Chargé d’Affaires at the Cameroon Embassy i France […] The post Air France resumes commercial flights to Cameroon on Monday appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-21 22:41:11.0

Global Outcry Against Imminent Logging In Cameroon’s Biodiversity-Rich Ebo Forest

Two orders signed by Cameroon’s Minister of Forestry and Wildlife on February 4 proposing the classification of two forest management units for timber extraction in the biodiversity hotspot, the Ebo forest is generating controversy. The units combined total 1,296 square-kilometres, nearly the entirety of Ebo Forest. The 1,500 square-kilometre forest in Cameroon’s Littoral Region is …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-05-21 15:51:14.0

Cameroon: COVID-19, Separatist Fighting, Overshadows National Day

Cameroon is marking its national day Wednesday under coronavirus restrictions and amid ongoing clashes between the military and anglophone separatists.? President Paul Biya has spoken publicly for the first time about the pandemic. Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, broke his silence on the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday night in a televised address to mark the country’s national […] The post Cameroon: COVID-19, Separatist Fighting, Overshadows National Day appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-21 11:32:12.0

Cameroon: Where Is President Biya? COVID-19 in Cameroon

Confirmed COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing in Cameroon. Yet, the president has barely been seen. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, many national leaders have become more present in their citizens’ lives. They announce new emergency measures, hold regular press briefings and attempt to reassure the population. Not so in Cameroon. President Paul […] The post Cameroon: Where Is President Biya? COVID-19 in Cameroon appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-20 22:23:54.0

Cameroon: Police inspector accused of raping 18-year old pregnant girl in Bandjoun

Investigations have reportedly been opened into an alleged rape on an 18-year-old pregnant girl by a police inspector working at the Bandjoun special brigade in the West region of Cameroon. Jean Yves Asso, Police inspector working at the Bandjoun special brigade is accused of having raped Messado Joyce, an 18-year old pregnant girl in Bafoussam, […] The post Cameroon: Police inspector accused of raping 18-year old pregnant girl in Bandjoun appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-20 18:48:55.0

Cameroon: Dr. Munjah Vitalis recommends solution to Anglophone crisis in PhD thesis

By Atia Azohnwi Munjah Vitalis Fagha bagged home a PhD in Political Science from the University of Buea Saturday, May 16, 2020 after a thesis defense in which he made recommendations that could see an end to the socio-political situation in the North West and South West Regions. The thesis titled “The African Peer Review …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-05-20 10:13:12.0

Anglophone Crisis: “Stop Violence, Start Talking” – Ambassador Tibor Nagy Tells Government, Separatists

Tibor Peter Nagy Jr., the United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs says as the situation in Cameroon’s restive North West and South West Regions deepens, the belligerents must now “stop [the] violence and start talking.” Taking to Twitter Monday, May 18, 2020, Ambassador Nagy says the killing of civilians is inexcusable, citing […] The post Anglophone Crisis: “Stop Violence, Start Talking” – Ambassador Tibor Nagy Tells Government, Separatists appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-19 08:50:54.0

Cameroon: Two soldiers arrested for robbing snack bar in South West region

Two elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR accused of having robbed people in a snack in New Town Limbe, South West region of Cameroon have been arrested, reports have confirmed. According to sources, two second class soldiers, Nsangou Hippolite Youssouf and Mbida Mengneng Legrand working at the anti-terrorism unit at the Rapid Intervention Battalion […] The post Cameroon: Two soldiers arrested for robbing snack bar in South West region appeared first on Daily News.

  Daily News Cameroon
2020-05-18 22:09:39.0

North West: Construction Works Resume on Nkambe Roads

After close to four years of retarded development caused by a bloody armed conflict, some rural road construction projects have resumed in some villages in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. The digging of the road linking Binjeng Village to Bih, Saah, Binshua and Binka villages in Nkambe Central Subdivision, Donga Matung …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-05-17 17:27:53.0

Happening now: Buea Taxi Drivers Protest Against Police Harassment

Taxi drivers in Mile 17, Buea are protesting against the police stationed in the area. The protest a source says started when an officer harassed a driver. “He (the driver) revolted and other taxi men joined him” says the source. “The members of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) at mile 17 saw everything that happened …

  Mimi Mefo Info
2020-05-17 16:46:48.0

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comité de suivi Comité International Olympique Comité local d'organisation commande Commerce Commerces commission d'enquête commission médicale Communauté urbaine Communauté urbaine de Douala Communauté Urbaine de Yaoundé Communauté urbaine de Yaoundé (CUY) Commune d'Obala Commune de Douala 1er commune de Gombe Commune de Mbouda Commune de Njombé-Penja Commune de Yaoundé IV Communication gouvernementale Communiqué Commutation et remise de peines commutations Commutations de peine Comores Compagnies aériennes Complexe sportif d’Olembe complot condamnation Condamnation politique conditions Conducteurs de motos taxis Confédération africaine de football Confédération africaine de handball Conférence épiscopale nationale du Cameroun confiinement confinement Confinement en France Confinement général confinés conflit hindous et musulmans Conflit Israélo-palestinienne Congelcam Congo Congo Brazzaville Congrès américain connexion Conseil constitutionnel Conseil de sécurité conseil exécutif conseil scientifique conséquence Conséquence covid-19 conséquences coronavirus conséquences covid-19 conséquences économiques Consommation Consommation de drogue conspiration Constant Omari Constitution contamination contaminations contaminés Content Contentieux post-électoral continent continent africain contre offensive Contrebande Contrefaçon contribution COnvoitise coordonnateur du Programme national de gouvernance Coranavirus Corée du Nord Corée du Sud Cornavirus au Cameroun coro coroanvirus Coronavirus Coronavirus à Douala Coronavirus au Bénin coronavirus au Botswana Coronavirus au Brésil Coronavirus au Burkina Coronavirus au Cameroun Coronavirus au Canada coronavirus au Gabon coronavirus au Kenya Coronavirus au mali Coronavirus au Maroc coronavirus au Nigeria coronavirus au Rwanda Coronavirus au Sénégal Coronavirus au Usa coronavirus aux Etats-unies Coronavirus chine Coronavirus Chinois coronavirus en Afrique Coronavirus en Afrique du Sud Coronavirus en Angleterre coronavirus en 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Dette deuil dévaluation DFCO dialogue Diaspora Diaspora africaine Dick Pound Didier Deschamps Didier Drogba Didier Lamkel Zé Didier Raoult Didier Yimga Diego Maradona Dieudoné Ivaha Diboua Dieudonné Dieudonné Essomba Dieudonné Oyono Digital dignitaires Dijon Dijon FCO Dina Ebimbe Dinamo Moscou Diomansy Kamara Dion Ngute Joseph Diouf diplomate Diplomatie directeur des ressources financières et du patrimoine dirigeant dirigeants discorde Discrimination discussion cordiale dispositif distanciation sociale distribution de nourriture DIVERS Djaouro Ruben Djene Djento Djibouti djihadiste Djihadistes Docteur Roger Etoa docteur russe dollars Domaines Don Donald Trump Donga-Mantung dortmund Dortmund-Bayern Douala Douala 5e Douala III Douane Douanes double confrontation Dr Christian Pout Dr Erik Essousse Dr Fontem Neba Dr Gaston Innocent Tchioffo Soffo Dr Guivis Zeufack Nkemgha Dr Hilaire Kamga Dr Hubert Ndjinga Ndjinga Dr Jérémie Sollè Dr Joseph Fokam Dr Madeleine Tchuinte Dr Malachie Manaouda Dr Malachie Manouda Dr Manaouda Malachie Dr Ousmaïla Mohamadou Dr Sayave Gnoumou Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Dr. Albert Ze Dr. Fernand Ombolo Dr. Roger Etoa Dragon FC Drame Drame en Guinée Drogba droit Droits de l'homme Dschang Dubaï Dynamo Zagreb E-learning Earvin Ngapeth Easyride Eau potable Ebenezer Nzonlia Ebola Ebola en RDC Ebolowa Eboulement de terrain Eboulement de terrain de Ngouache Echanges commerciaux Eclectricité Eco Ecole Polytechnique de Yaoundé Ecoles ECONOMIE Économie africaine Economie camerounaise économie française Economie mondiale économique marocaine Economy Edéa Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o Edgar Lungu edifice edith kah wala Edith kah Walla Edith Kaw Wallah Edito Edmond Kamguia Edouard Betobo Bokagne Edouard Fochive edouard philippe Education Education en Afrique efac Effondrement Eglise adventiste du 7e jour Eglise catholique Église Shincheonji Egypte Eintracht Francfort Ékambi Brillant Ekona El Aboubacar Ousmane Mey El Hadj Nji Nkoupit Mefire Ali Sine El Hadji 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Noupue embiid Emerson Mnangagwa Emigration clandestine émigrés en Europe Emile Bankoui Emmanuel Adebayor Emmanuel Agbor Ashu Emmanuel Chatue Emmanuel Chedjou Emmanuel Fosso Someon Chedjou Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Nguiamba Nloutsiri emmanuel ogbu Emmnauel Adebayor émouvant Emploi Emplois ENAM Endettement Eneo Energie Energie électrique enfant Enfants de la rue engin English Enlèvement Enow Abrams Egbe Enseignant enseignante Enseignants Enseignement à distance Enseignement catholique Enseignement secondaire Enseignement secondaires Enseignement Supérieur Entertainment entraînements avec contacts entraîneurs entretien téléphonique Environnement Épicentre épidémie Épidémie COVID-19 Épidémie COVID-19 en Afrique Épidémie COVID-19 en Allemagne Épidémie COVID-19 en Angleterre Equinoxe TV équipe équipe type de l’année angleterre équipe-type d’Afrique équipe-type Serge Aurier Erdogan Eric Choupo-Moting Eric Golf Kouatchou Eric Junior Dina Ebimbe Eric Kouatchou Eric Mathias Owona Nguini Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting eric zemmour Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting Erik Essousse Ernest Ewango Budu Ernst Obama erronée Erruption volcanique Espace Institutionnel Espagne Espérance de Tunis espoir Essimi Menye Esstic Estelle Johnson Etablissements scolaires État Etat civil Etat d'urgence état de santé Etat islamique Etat islamique en Afrique Etats unies Etats-Unis Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopie Etienne Eto'o eto'o Etonde Etonde Etoudi Eto’o études Etudiant Etudiants Etudiants boursiers au Maroc étudiants camerounais Europa League Europe Europe-Afrique Evan Ndicka Everton examen de sortie Excel Mouscron Exécutifs communaux Exil Exploitation forestière Explosion Exportation de la banane Exportations Extrême Nord Fabrice Ngah Fabrice Olinga Fabrice Ondoa Fabrice Yap Mounchili Facebook facilité de réponse Fact Checking Fait divers Faits divers Fake news Famille famille royale Famine faouzi lekjaa Faure Gnassingbé fausse peinture fausses idées fausses nouvelles Faustin-Archange Touadéra Faux médicament 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solidarité nationale pour la lutte contre le COVID-19 fonds spécial de solidarité nationale Fonds Survie-Cameroon-Survival Fund Fonds SurvieCameroon-Survival Fund Foods Foot Footall féminin football Football dame football européen Football féminin Forage Force française Barkhane Forces de défense Forêt formations politiques Fortunes Fotball Fotso Victor Foumban Foumbot fouzi lekjaa Franc Français france france football France-Togo francecoronavirus Francfort Francis Bebey Francis Ngannou Franck Biya Franck Erick Diffo Franck Essi franck ribéry Franck Zambo Anguissa François Bingono Bingono François Hollande François Mitterand François Omam Biyik François Soudan Frank Boya Frank Lebœuf Franklin Nyamsi fraude FRENCH frénésie Front page Frontière Frontière Cameroun - Guinée Equatoriale Frontière gabon - Cameroun frontières Fru Ndi FSV Mayence G20 G5-Sahel Gabon Gabrielle Aboudi Onguéné Galim Ganago gang garde à vue gardien Garoua Gaston Kelman gel gel hydroalcoolique gels hydro 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Christophe Guillaume Soro Guinée Guinée Conakry Guinée Equatoriale Guinée-Bissau Guy Florent Teukam Gweha Ikouam Fils haaland Habib Bèye Haftar Hakim Ziyech Hamadou Hamidou Hamadou Yanoussa Haman Mana hani abo rida Hani Abou Rida Hantavirus Hany Abo Rida harmonisation hassania agadir hausse Haut-commissaire aux droits de l'Homme de l'ONU Hauts plateaux HCR Health Hélène Wezeu Hélène Wezeu Domkeu Hémodialyse Henri Konan Bédié Henriette Ekwe Héritage Hermine Patricia Ndam Njoya Hertha Berlin Hervé Bourges HIMO Hissène Habré Histoire Hommage Hommes d'affaires Hommes politiques Hon. Mbah Ndam Hon. 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Laure Kamto Infanticide infection Infertilité infirmerie infirmière Inflation Information Infrastructures sanitaires en Afrique inquiétude Insécurité Insécurité à Douala Insertion socio-professionnelle Institut pasteur de Dakar Institut Robert Koch Insuffisance rénale insurrection Intégration Inter de Milan Inter Milan interclubs International International Board International Crisis Group International News Internationaux de France Internet Interpellation Interview Intoxication alimentaire Investissements Irad Irak Iran Islam Israël Issa Hayatou Issa Tchiroma Issa Tchiroma Bakary istanbul Italie Ittihad de Tanger J.O Tokyo 2020 JACK MA Jacques Chirac Jacques Fame Ndongo Jacques Lengue Malapa Jair Bolsonaro Jairzinho Rozenstruik Jane Ansah Japoma Stadium Japon Jean Baptisme Nguini Effa Jean Bruno Tagne Jean Claude Tsila Jean De Dieu Momo Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe Massena Jean François Channon Jean Jacques Ekindi Jean Louis Beh Mengue Jean Marie Dimbélé Jean Michel Nintcheu Jean Njeunga Jean Nkuété Jean Paul Akono Jean Pierre Bekolo Jean Robert Wafo Jean-Alain Boumsong Jean-Charles Castelletto Jean-Lambert Nang Jean-Marc Kabund-a-Kabund jean-pelé fomété Jean-Pierre Nsame Jérusalem Jessic Ngankam jets privés jeudi noir Jeudi propre Jeune Jeux Olympique Tokyo 2020 jeux olympiques Jeux olympiques 2020 jeux olympiques de tokyo Jeux Olympiques de Tokyo 2020 jeux olympiques tokyo Jeux Olympiques Tokyo 2020 Jeux Universitaires JO JO 2020 JO 2020 de Tokyo JO 2020 Tokyo JO de Tokyo JO Sydney 2000 JO Tokyo 2020 Joakim Noah Joe Biden joël Joel EMBIID Joel Matip Johson Ekoutou José Mourinho Joseph Antoine Bell Joseph Antoinne Bell Joseph Bouasse Joseph Dion Ngute Joseph Mbah Ndam Joseph Minala Joseph Nargaba Joseph Owona Joseph Roland Matta Joshua Oshi Joshua Osih Jospeh Dion Ngute joueurs Journal Journalisme Journaliste Journaux Radio Journaux Togolais Journaux TV Journée international de la femme Journée Internationale de la Femme Judo juges Jules Doret Ndongo juliet bawuah Jupiler Pro League Jurgen Klopp justice Justin Trudeau Justin Youmssi Juventus juventus de turin Juventus Turin K-Tino Kadji Kalara Kalidou Koulibaly Kalkaba Malboum Kamdem Souop Kamto Kamto Maurice Kanté Karen Bass Karim Benzema karl toko Karl Toko Ekambi Kassalafam KCNA Kenneth Kadji Kenya Kevin Durant khalifa haftar Khartoum Kidnapping Kildadi Tagilieke Boukar Kildadi Takiégué Boukar Killings kim jong un Kinshasa Klassiker kluivert Kobe Bryant Kompina Kondengui Koupit Adamou Krasnodar Kribi Kris Badd Kuissu Kumba Kylian Mbappé Kyrie Irving L'équipe type combinée Cameroun 1990-Cameroun 2000 la double confrontation la Gantoise La Haye La Mecque La rougeole La sélection féminine du Cameroun La Zambie laboratoire laboratoire vétérinaire Lac Tchad Lady Ponce Lagos Landry Tchatchouang larousse Laurent Esso Laurent Gbagbo Laurentine Koa Mfegue lavage des mains Lazio de Rome Le COVID-19 en 60 secondes Le Gicam Le Havre Le Messager Le pape François Le Vatican 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indomptables Lionnes Indomptables du Cameroun Lionnes Indomptables du Camerroun Lionnes Indomptables U17 Lionnes U17 Lions Lions A' Lions A' Indomptables Lions Indomptable A’ Lions Indomptables Lions Indomptables A' liste des 18 joueuses liste site par site des hôtels Litige foncier lits de réanimation littérature Littoral littoral Ivaha Diboua Live Updates Liverpool Liverpool FC Liverpool vs AC Milan Liverpool-Atlético livraison llaria Allegrozzi Lobe Christopher Itoe Logement sociaux Logements sociaux Logements sociaux d'OIembe Logements sociaux d'Olembé logo Loi de finances 2020 Lokomotiv Moscou Lom Pangar Lomé Londres Longue Longue Louis Magloire Kemayou Louis Paul Motaze Louka Basile Luanda Luc Magloire Mbarga Antagana Luc Mbah A. Moute Luc Messi Atangana Luc Perry Wandji Luc Sindjoun Lucrèce Medou Njemba Ludovic Lado Luis Fernandez Luis Garcia Luis Maximiano Luka Modric lumumbashi lutte Lutte contre Boko Haram Lutte contre l'extrémisme violent lutte contre la propagation du coronavirus Lutte contre la propagation du Covid-19 lutte contre le Coronavirus lutte contre le Covid-19 Lutte contre le terrorisme luttes associées Lycée Fustel de Coulanges de Yaoundé Lycée technique de Kribi Lyon L’ONU machines Macky Sall Macron Madagascar Magil MAGIL constructions magistrats Mahamadou Issoufou maillot Cameroun main d'œuvre Maire Maire de Douala Maire de la ville Maire de Ngaoundéré Maire de ville Maires Mairie Mairie de Bandjoun Mairie de Batouri Mairie de Bertoua Mairie de Douala Mairie de Douala 1er mairie de douala 2ème mairie de Foumban Mairie de Garoua Mairie de Maroua Mairie de Pete-Bandjoun Mairie de Sangmelima Mairie de Yaoundé Maîtresse Major League Socce Majorque Makénéné Malabo Malachie Manaouda Malachie Manouada malade Maladie maladie Abdelhak Nouri maladies rares malaise cardiaque Abdelhak Nouri Malawi Maldini malfaiteurs Malfrats malhonnêtes Mali maltraitance Mama Nguea Mamadou Mota Mamane Mamfe Manaouda Malachie Manassé Aboya Endong Manchester City Manchester United Mancho Bibixy mandat Mandjo Mané Manidem Manifestations Manifestations anti-Macron Manifestations publiques Manu Dibango Manu Dibango Airport Manuels scolaires Maptue Fotso Nicky Love Maquereau Maradona Marafa Hamidou Yaya Marc André ter stegen Marc Lipsitch Marc Roca Marc-Vivien Foé Marcel Mvondo 2 Marcel Niat Njifendji Marcel Niat Njifenji Marché Marché Mboppi Marché périodique Marché régional Marché Sandaga Marchés Marécage Maréchal Haftar Mariage Mariage des prêtre Marie Thérèse Abena Ondoa marin Marius Etoundi Marlène Emvoutou Maroc marocain ahmed bourous Maroua Maroua 1er Marseille Martin Camus Mimb Martin Mbarga Nguele Martin Medjo Martinez Zogo masque Masque de protection Masque en tissu Masque facial Masque nasaux masques Masques de protection Massacre Massacre de civils de Ngarbuh Massacre de Ngarbuh Massacre des Mbororos massacres Massacres de Ngarbuh match match cameroun match cameroun Mozambique Materazzi maternelles Maternité Maternité précoce MATGENIE Mathias Eric Owona Nguini matuidi Maurice Aurélien Sosso Maurice Kamto Mauritanie mauro icardi Maxime Yegnong maxime yegnong njieyo Maximilienne Ngo Mbe Mayence Mayo Kaliao Mayo-Danay Mbah Ndan Mballa Atangana Mbam et Inoubou Mbankomo Mbengwui mboko Mbororo Mbororos Mbouda Me Akéré Muna Me Alice Nkom Me Charles Tchoungang Me Christian Bomo Ntimbane Me Christian Ntimbane Bomo Me Claude Assira Me Emmanuel Ashu Me Emmanuel Pensy Me Emmanuel Simh Me Emmenuel Pensy Me Félicité Esther Zeifman Me Jean de Dieu Momo Me Jean Pierre Temate Me Michèle Ndoki Me Pèlerine Tehatat Me Simh Me Souop Me Souop Sylvain Me Sylvain Souop Me Théodore Kamkui Me Yondo Black MEBE NGO’O médaille de bronze Médecins médecins français Médecins sans frontières media médias médiateur Medical evacuation Médicament Médicaments médicaments contre le Coronavirus Mefou et Afamba meilleur arbitre meilleur joueur meilleurs joueurs Melinda Gates membres menaces Menaces de mort Ménage Menchum SDO Mercato Mercato André Onana mercato estival mercato Vincent Aboubakar merkel message Messanga Nyamding messes messes publiques Messi mesures Météo Mfou Mgr Faustin Ambassa Ndjodo Mgr Jean Marie Benoît Bala Mgr Jean Mbarga Mgr Kléda Mgr Luc Onambele Mgr Samuel Kleda Miami Michaël Ngadeu Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui Michel Platini Michel Tchouamo Michelle Ndoki michigan microbes Microfinance Migrants Mike sonko Mila Assouté milan ac militante Militants Militants du Mrc Miljan Mrdakovic Milla Assoute milliardaire milliards milliards FCFA millions de fcfa Minader MINAT Mindja Zam Georges Minerais Mines Minesup Minfi Ministère de la Décentralisation et du Développement local Ministère de la Jeunesse Ministère de la Santé Ministère de la Santé publique Ministère des Affaires sociales Ministre Ministre de l'Administration territoriale Ministre de la Santé ministre de la Santé publique Ministre des Sports Ministre du Commerce ministres Minka Minpostel Mirap Mireille Tchengan mireille tchengang mise en quarantaine Mitre MMA Mobile money Mobilité Urbaine mode d'emploi Modeste Mbami Mohamed Ould Cheikh Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Salah Mokgweetsi Masisi MONDE Mondial Mondial 2014 Mondial 2022 Mondial 2030 Mondial des clubs Mondial des Clubs de la FIFA Mondial U17 Mondial U17 féminin Mondiaux d'athlétisme Mongwat Amadou Ahidj Monnaie Monseigneur Samuel Kleda Mont Cameroun Montpellier Mora MORE mort morts morts de migrants Mosquée mosquée centrale moto Motos Taxis Mouad Hadji Mouad Hajji Mouelle Kombi moukoko Mourinho Mouscron Moussa Faki Mahamat Moussa Njoya Mouvement progressiste mouvement social d'ampleur Mozambique MPCN MPDR MRC MTN Cameroon Muhammadu Buhari municipal Municipales Municipales 2020 municipales en France Municipalité mur de déparation Musique Musulman mutation Mutinerie Mutinerie dans les prisons italiennes Mutineries dans les prisons N'Golo Kanté Nadine Morano Nairobi Nalova Lyonga Nana Akufo-Addo Nantes Narcise Mouelle Kombi Narcisse Kombi Narcisse Kombi Mouelle Narcisse Mouelle Kombi NASLA natation Nathalie Yamb National School of Local Administration (NASLA) nationalité camerounaise naturelle Naufrage en RDC NBA NBA africa NBA Pascal Siakam Nchout Ajara Nchout Njoya Nchout Njoya Ajara Ndam Njoya Ndifor Franklin Ndip Tambe ndop necrologie Nets New England Revolution new-bell New-York News News Roundups Nextell Nexttel Neymar NFA nff ngadeu ngadjui et les buffalos Ngadeu-Ngadjui ngadjui et les buffalos Ngamaleu Ngaoundéré Ngarbuh Nguéa Laroute Niamey Nicky Love Maptue Fotso Nicolas Nkoulou Nicolas Sarkozy nicotine Niger Nigeria NJ Ayuk Njombe Penja njoya ajara nmp Noélie Yarigo noir Noirs américains nomination Nominations nommés Non classé Nord-ouest Norvège Nos Programmes NoSo Notre Sélection noun Nounamo Kamto Nourane Foster Nourane Fotsing Nouri nouveau coronavirus nouveau médicament nouveau plan Nouveau-né Novak Djokovic Ntoumba Minka Ntui nuit football africain Numéro vert o Obala Obili octobre 2020 Odile Ahouanwanou offre Oil and Gas OJRDPC Oku OL Olusegun Obasanjo Olympique de Marseille Olympique Lyonnais olympiques de tokyo OM Omar el-Béchir OMS Onana ONG ONU ONU-Femmes onze de rêve de Ronaldo opération Opération 25.000 emplois Opération Epervier operation millitaire Opinion Oppah Muchinguri opposition Orage Cameroun Orange Cameroun ordre Ordre des médecins du Cameroun organisation Organisation mondiale de la Santé origine Orpailleurs Ouagadougou Ouattara Ouest Ouganda Oumar Gonzalez Ousmanou Aman Sa'aly Overshadows National Day Owona Nguini PAD PADDEC Pagne du 8 mars Palais de l'Unité Pamela Bongkiyung PAN pandémie Pandémie Covid-19 Pandémie en Afrique Pandémie mondiale pangolins Paolo Dybala PAP Pape Diouf Pape François pâques Paraguay parcours Paris Paris Saint Germain Parlement Parlement européen 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François-Xavier Mbopi-Keou Pr. Mathias Eric Owona Nguini Pr. 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commerciales religion Religions africaines remaniement remdesivir remède Remède contre le sida remède ebola remise Remise de peine remise de peines remontada remplacement René Emmanuel Sadi Rene Sadi Renforcement des mesures strictes Rentrée parlementaire Rentrée scolaire Rentrée scolaire du 1er juin Replay Radio Replay TV report report CHAN 2020 report de toutes les rencontres internationales report du CHAN 2020 reprise Reprise des classes réseau Réseaux sociaux Réserve de faune respirateur respirateurs ressortissants africains ressortissants français ressortissants rdc restrictions Résultats des élections législatives et municipales du 9 février 2020 rétention abusive Rev NJEMBEELE BOLLANGA Révélations de Macron Révision des listes électorales REVUE DE PRESSE DU JOUR RFI Richard Bona richissime Riek Machar Rigobert Song risques nucléaires Rivaldo rivalité André Onana Fabrice Ondoa Riziculture road tolling Robert Lewandowski Robert Ndip Tambe Roberto Carlos Rock Marc Christian Kaboré Roger Mbassa Ndine Roger Mbassi Ndiné Roger Milla Roger Tafam Roland Kumbé Roland-Garros Rome Ronaldinho Ronaldo Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima Rostand M’Baï Rougeole Route Route Babadjou-Bamenda Route Boumnyébel-Yaoundé Route Léna-Nsegbe-Tibati Route Sangmelima-Ouesso Royal Mouscron Royaume-Uni rsf RTBF Rumeur sur le décès de Paul Biya rumeurs russes Russie Russie-Arabie Saoudite Rwanda Ryan Giggs S.E Christophe Guilhou Sa Majesté Jean Rameau Sokoudjou Sa majesté Sokoudjou Saccage de l’ambassade du Cameroun à Paris Sacs de riz Sadio Mané Sadou Hayatou SafeHand safehands Sahara Occidental Sahel Saint-Eloi Bidoung saison Salaire Sali Babani Salomon Kalou salon de l'agriculture Paris salva kiir Sam Mbende Samuel Chukwueze Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua Samuel Dieudonné Moth Samuel Eo'o Samuel Eto'o Samuel Eto'o Fils Samuel Kondo Samuel Moth Samuel Mvondo Ayolo Samuel Umtiti Samuel Wazizi Samuel Wembe Samul Eto’o Sanction Sanda Oumarou Sandy de boston Sangmelima Santé Santé / Environnement santé au cameroun Santé publique Santiago-Bernabeu Sao Tomé sao tome e principe Sao Tome et Principe Sauvetage Savonnerie Nosa scanner thoracique school school resumption Sciences / Technologies SCO SCO Angers scrutin scrutin partiel SCSI SDF Sébastien Ebala Sébastien Nadot sécesionnistes Sécession Sécessionnistes Sécheresse au Maroc Secours Populaire Secrétaire général de la CAF Sécurité seedorf Seidou Mbombo Njoya Seleçao sélection du cameroun sélectionneur des Lionnes semaine Sémil Sénat Sénégal Sénégal-France Separatist Fighting Séparatistes Sepp Blatter Sérail Serge Alain Ottou Serge Aurier Serge Espoir Matomba Serge Nicolas Song serie Série A Sévérin Tchounkeu sexe seydou doumbia SG ONU shaanxi chang'an athletic Shanda Tomne Shanda Tonme shebab Siakam SIC SIDA Sierra Leone silence Simon Pierre Idiba Simone Gbagbo Sisiku Ayuk Tabe situation Sixers Sixers de Philadelphie SOCIETE Société civile Société Générale Cameroun Sociétés d'Etat Society socité Soldats soldiers Solidarité solution robotique Somalie Sommet Afrique # France sommet d'urgence Sommet de l'Etat SONARA SONATREL SOS Sosthène Médard Lipot Soudan Soudan du Sud soukou soulagement Souley ONOHIOLO Soumaïla Cissé Soumayla Cissé Sous-développement Sous-préfecture de Douala 1e Sous-préfet South Africa South African Airways Southern Cameroons Southern Cameroons Crisis soutien financier Sport Sportifs sportive du sahel Sports Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo Stade Brestois Stade d'Olembe à Yaoundé Stade de Douala Stade d’Olembé Stade Japoma stade Japoma de Douala stade militaire stade Omnisports de Bepanda Stade Omnisports de Douala stade Onikan de Lagos Stade Paul Biya d'Olembé Stades stayhomechallenge Stephane Bahoken Stéphane Mbia Stéphane Ndzana Stephane Semengué Steve Mvoué Stipe Miocic Style de Bameka succession Sud-ouest Suède Suicide Suisse Supervision Technique Générale Supposée tentative d’assassinat de Kamto Survie Cameroon Survie Cameroun Survie Cameroun Survival Initiative Survie-Cameroon-Survival-Initiative Suspension suspension Ligue 1 Sylvain Souop Sylvestre Ngouchinghé symptômes Syndicat national des personnels des établissements et entreprises du secteur de la santé du Cameroun tabac tanière des lionnes Tarek Bouchamaoui Taribo West Tas Tassang Wilfred taux de chômage Taxes pétrolières Taxi Taxi Fourrière Taximen Tchad Tchadien Tchana Bopou John Michael Tchengang Mireille Vianelle TCS TDF2020 Team Tech Technology Télécommunication Télécommunications Télécoms Télétravail Témoignage température Tempête Tennis tentative Terrorisme Terroriste terroristes terroristes au Mali test testing tests tests de dépistage tests de vaccin en afrique TFC theft Themoflash Theophilus London Thermoflash Thiam Abdoulaye Thomas Bach Thomas Müller Thomas Thabane Tibor Nagy Tiriane Balbine Noah tirs Togo Toko Ekambi tokyo Tokyo 2020 Tombouctou Tonga tony kroos Top Top 20 salaire Torino Toronto Toronto Raptors Torture TotalCAFCC totalCAFCL Tottenham Toulouse Toulouse FC 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